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Hello Guys,
We finally got a website up for our Steel Challenge matches. Still working on the content and information and this will be fully functional pretty soon…

Steel Challenge Results 09/25/11


Wow. It got hot. There were mucho shooters and a big pile of score sheets. Sorry it has taken this long for me to get finished.

Thanks for shooting with us today. We had 44 guns shooting today, the scoring reflects 42 because two guns went down. JK was overall fastest with rifle, Vince was fastest with handgun. The times are getting close enough between shooters that one mistake can really hurt.

Side match results:
JK Rowzee 20.99 $35.00
Bill Fowler 27.54
Mike McKinney 28.53
Mark Woerner 32.74
Kim Lilly 33.45
Ben Lederman 34.08
Rick Lilly 36.28
Jeremy Hawkins 36.36 $15.00
Terry Panknin 43.71
Roy Richter 88.45

Hope everyone had a good time and will shoot with us again. Don’t forget practice every Wednesday afternoon, $5.00 all you can shoot.

Results 092511

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