Match Reminder


Need a break from Thanksgiving?

Sign in Sunday at 8:30 shooting starts just after 9:00. Five quick stages. We should be done by noon.

Match Results


I can’t remember the last time we shoot a match without sweat burning our eyes. February maybe?

Welcome to our six new shooters. Dean H., Rey H., John C., Travis M., Mark D. and Gavin H. I hope you enjoyed the experience today and will shoot with us again. To the Dury guys, it was a blast. We got to shoot more than everyone else and almost everyone got a new name. Please thank the boss for making it possible for y’all to come down.

Scores are now posted on our Scores Page

Scores are posted on the SCSA website under this link:
I will forward the other scores to Vince so he can post them up here when he has the time. One day I might figure that part out. (no problem Roy – already updated – Vince)

Time change is November 4. There is one more Wednesday practice session before then. After time change we will move to the forward bays and shoot under the lights. Brings a new dimension to practice and gives the ability to practice low light shooting.

Board elections are November 7. Come out and practice and then cast your vote for board of directors. Please don’t forget to vote in the other elections as well. The future of our sports may hinge on these elections.

As always it was a pleasure. Thank you for coming out and I hope to see everyone again on the line.


Match Results


Thank you all for shooting with us today. We had five new shooters today. Welcome Rik Hansen, Jay Rickman, Nathan Hougaboom, and Susan and Phil Stewart. Hope you enjoyed yourselves and will shoot with us again soon.

Results are posted at our Scores Page: and  SCSA

Now that fall is upon us and the temperature is moderating plan on six stages for the next match on October 28.

Please remember Wednesday evening practice continues. All the shooting you can handle for $5.00. We have the full month of October before time change and we start shooting under the lights. We are usually setting two to three stages a week. If you have any preference on a stage let me or the club know so we can set that stage for you.

As always looking forward to seeing everyone again in the future.


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