Match Results


Thank you everyone who shot with us today in our final match of the year, and possibly the final match ever if the Mayans are correct. A big thank you also to all the shooters who have shot with us this past year.

Here are the results: Scores Page

Practice sessions are finished for the year we will begin practice again on January 2 and our next match is January 27. Lets think about six stages in January.

Now for my soapbox. I’m sure everyone is aware of the tragedy in Connecticut. The antis are going to take this event and attempt to use it to legislate away our right to bear arms. If you are not a member of NRA now is the time to join. Please keep the victims and their families in your prayers.

See everyone next year. Be safe if you travel over the holidays.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Years to all.

Roy (Ray)

November Match Results are UP…

Hello Guys,

Match results are up.  Sorry for the delay…

Score Page


Match Results


What great weather we were blessed with.  Don’t you just love this time of year!

Thank you everyone for shooting today.  The turnout was a bit of a surprise.  Five stages, 36 guns and we were done right at noon.  Special thanks to our first time shooters: Dennis B., Brian M., Derek H., and William T.  I hope you enjoyed yourself and that you will join us again in the future.

Next match Saturday, December 15.  We will shoot four stages.  I’m thinking Showdown, Speed Option, Outer Limits and Accelerator.  It will be a long range shoot.  Don’t forget practice on Wednesdays under the lights.  The targets are set by 4:00 for the people who can get to the range early.  Two stages all you can shoot for $5.00.

As always thank you for shooting with us today and I look forward to seeing everyone again in the near future.




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