Match Results


Thank you again for the continued support of Steel Challenge competitions in South Texas. If my memory is correct next month is the third anniversary of our first match. We set four stages for that match because we only had the steel for four stages, but that was ok the club only had four bays. Things have changed since then. We now have the steel to set all eight stages and the club has the bays to accomodate the full match. Last year we hosted the first inaugural Texas State Steel Challenge Championship Match, we will again be holsting the match in October. Match information and entry forms are now available on the state match area of the website. Without y’all there is no way this program would be as successfull as it has been. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

The results of todays match are on the scores page. Hopefully I got it right.

Welcome to our new shooter Chris Keech.  You are always welcome to come shoot with us again.

If you have the ammo to spare we are still setting practice up on Wednesdays. All the shooting you can handle for $5.00 US Currency.

Thank you again and hope to see everyone on the range again.

Match Results


Thanks for taking the time to come and expend some of your valuable ammunition with us today. Once again we were done well before noon. As long as ammo and components are scarce we will continue to limit the matches to four stages. Hopefully things will start returning to normal soon.

Welcome to our new shooters Bryan Knick, Raymond Johnson and Patrick Parker.  You’re always welcome back.

Results are posted on our Scores Page

Practice stages are still being set on Wednesday afternoon. Five dollars gets you all the shooting you can handle.

Thank you for joining us, hope to see everyone on the range again soon.

Match Results


Thanks for joining us today and burning up valuable ammunition.  I’d like to welcome two first time shooters, Chip M. and Chip P.  Hope you enjoyed yourselves and will shoot with us again in the future.

The results are on our scores page

We will be keeping the matches at four stages until there is some relief on ammo and component pricing and availability.  I noticed that the clubhouse did have some pistol powders in stock.  There was no inventory on small pistol primers.  Check with Paul on your needs.  He may be able to find what you want.

We are still setting up practice targets on Wednesdays if you wish to come out.  $5.00 buys you all the shooting you can handle.

Till next time be safe.







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