Match Results

Another one is in the books. The wind was nice but the clouds were nicer. Temperatures moderated a wee bit and we finished shooting today just before noon. Thank you to all the shooters who joined us today and a big big thanks to all the new shooters and the out of town guys as well. I hope you found our match fun and will consider shooting with us again.

The results are posted on the SCSA website When minds sharper then mine are available the results will be posted here in an easier to read format. Sorry about that but I can’t seem to get right with posting them here.

Next month we will return to shooting five stages minimum. If the weather cooperates you may see six.

Don’t forget Wednesday practice, three stages, all you can shoot for only $5.00 American. You can’t beat that with a hammer. Targets are set by 5:00 and are not taken down until dark or the last shooter is done.

As always hope to see you on the line.


July Monthly Match Pictures are up…

Hello Guys,

Pictures are up on the “Photo Gallery” from our last monthly match. Check them out and Thank you very much! KB for taking the pictures.


Match Results


Thanks for comming out and shooting with us today. We were joined by five new competitors. Tony, Chuck, Andrew, Merlin and Phil thank you very much for shooting. I hope you enjoyed yourselves and will join us again in the future.

The only four stages during the hot months strategy seems to be working. We finished shooting by 11:00 before the heat was unbearable. Next month will probably be the last short match, by September it has usually cooled down enough that we will add an additional stage.

I will email the scores to Vince so he can post them here. Until then scores are available on the SCSA website.

– edit:  scores are up –

Next match day is August 26. We are setting three stages on Wednesday for practice. If there is a particular stage you wish to practice on let me know and I will request the club set it for the next session. All the shooting you can handle for the low low price of $5.00.

Until next time stay safe.


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