Match Results


Thank you all for shooting with us today. We had five new shooters today. Welcome Rik Hansen, Jay Rickman, Nathan Hougaboom, and Susan and Phil Stewart. Hope you enjoyed yourselves and will shoot with us again soon.

Results are posted at our Scores Page: and  SCSA

Now that fall is upon us and the temperature is moderating plan on six stages for the next match on October 28.

Please remember Wednesday evening practice continues. All the shooting you can handle for $5.00. We have the full month of October before time change and we start shooting under the lights. We are usually setting two to three stages a week. If you have any preference on a stage let me or the club know so we can set that stage for you.

As always looking forward to seeing everyone again in the future.


August Match Results are now posted…

Results are now posted on our Scores Page

Match Results

Another one is in the books. The wind was nice but the clouds were nicer. Temperatures moderated a wee bit and we finished shooting today just before noon. Thank you to all the shooters who joined us today and a big big thanks to all the new shooters and the out of town guys as well. I hope you found our match fun and will consider shooting with us again.

The results are posted on the SCSA website When minds sharper then mine are available the results will be posted here in an easier to read format. Sorry about that but I can’t seem to get right with posting them here.

Next month we will return to shooting five stages minimum. If the weather cooperates you may see six.

Don’t forget Wednesday practice, three stages, all you can shoot for only $5.00 American. You can’t beat that with a hammer. Targets are set by 5:00 and are not taken down until dark or the last shooter is done.

As always hope to see you on the line.


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