Match Info

Match Information – CCPRC’s Corpus Christi Steel Challenge

Match Info – Corpus Christi Pistol & Rifle Club’s Corpus Christi  (CC ) Steel Challenge.  CC Steel Challenge  is simply a part of The Corpus Christi Pistol & Rifle Club and thus all our matches are held at our club.  (see club info tab for more).  CC Steel Challenge was set up  by CCPRC with direction from the Board of Directors  as a service to the Steel Challenge community and to our club members who enjoy shooting Steel Challenge.

Any rules questions, disputes or protest during a match will be decided by the match director or CCPRC management.  Good sportsman like behavior is expected of each participant and their guest at all times.  Match director or CCPRC management have the authority to eject any shooter and/or their guest for safety and behavior issues.

Monthly Match Schedule: (2017)

Sunday January 21
Sunday February 19
Sunday March 20
Saturday April 15
Sunday May 21
Sunday June 18
Sunday July 16
Sunday August 20
Sunday September 17
Sunday October 15
Sunday November 19
Sunday December 17
Match Registration: 9:30 am
Hammer Down: 10:00 am
There are usually a minimum of 6 stages.  Please sign up on our email list to get the current information on upcoming matches.
Fee: $20 dollars (non-member)
          $15 dollars (member)
          $5 dollars (additional gun)
Steel Challenge Practice: (Weekly)
Practice Saturday afternoon prior to match day (3rd Sunday of month), $5 or help set up for match and practice for free.  (call club to confirm practice).  In cases of inclement weather please call ahead or check the website to confirm matches and/or practice will be held.