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December 2011 Match Results


Attached are today’s results.

Thank you for the support this past year.  I look at the names listed on the scoring software roster and many were added during the past twelve months, thank you for joining us.  I see quite a few shooters at the Wednesday practice sessions that don’t shoot the matches but enjoy the opportunity to get in quality trigger time, thank you as well for joining us.  Thank you to the shooters who have been active from early on, it has been a blast.

Our next match will be January 22.  We will resume Wednesday practice on January 4.

I’ll see everyone on the line next year.

Match Results 11/27/2011

The match results are posted on the Steel Challenge web site
I will try to remember how to make excel spreadsheets from this new scoring software.  I wish the people who write software would remember help files for us non-techie types.  Geez.
Bear with me.

Match Results

Here are the results: 10/23/11

Results by division



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