Corpus Christi Steel Challenge aka CC Steel Challenge aka CCGC Steel Challenge is owned by and operated by Corpus Christi Gun Club (CCGC) as a service to the Steel Challenge shooting community  and CCGC members.

The Corpus Christi Gun Club is a member run, professionally operated facility, which has been the premier shooting complex for Corpus Christi and the surrounding communities since 1938. The 182 acre facility is totally dedicated to the shooting sports, encompassing skeet, trap, sporting clays, five stand, pistol and rifle. Whether you are a beginner or an expert, young or once young, The Gun Club promotes and supports a shooting activity you can enjoy.  Home of CC3GUN, CC Steel Challange, Nueces County  4-H Trap and Skeet, as well as  ATA, NSCA and NSSA registered shoots and South Texas Fun shoots.

 Our Clubhouse and classroom facilities allow instructional programs for state mandated hunter education classes and concealed handgun classes.

Any questions, disputes or protest during a match will be decided by the match director or CCGC management.  Good sportsman like behavior is expected of each participant and their guest at all times.  Match director or CCGC management have the authority to eject any shooter and/or their guest for safety and behavior issues.