Our next match will be on November 21

Five to Go



Speed Option

Smoke and Hope

 Link to pre-registration:   https://practiscore.com/corpus-christi-steel-challenge-november-21/register

With the resurgence of Covid we ask that mask be worn during registration and social distancing be practiced at all times by those present.  CCGC reserves the right to change the stages and number of stages used. If you are considering shooting this match please pre-register as it saves a lot of time on Sunday morning and helps us start on time. We will limit match to four squads of ten guns (30 guns). SHOOTERS MAY SIGN UP TO SHOOT A MAXIMUM OF 2 GUNS DURING PRE-REGISTRATION, if at match time there are open slots (fewer than 30 guns) shooters may be allowed to shoot a third gun.

Any rules questions, disputes or protest during a match will be decided by the match director or CCGC management. Good sportsman like behavior is expected of each participant and their guest at all times. Match director or CCGC management have the authority to eject any shooter and/or their guest for safety and behavior issues.

No pistol holsters are allowed that could cause the user to break the 180 degree rule when drawing or re-holstering (cross-draw, shoulder, FBI cant etc.).

Squad sizes of no more than 10 guns or 10 shooters per squad will be enforced and limit of no more than 2 guns per individual. Shooters do not have to wear a mask while shooting. We ask that shooters use mask during registration and maintain social distance of minimum of 6 feet during registration and during the match.

Set up starts at 3:00 pm Saturday 11/20 with practice to follow after all stages are set up. Practice is free for those that help with set up and have registered for and will shoot the match or $5 for those that have not registered to shoot in the match or that do not help with set up.

Practice will last to 5:00 pm as long as there is a range officer present. Back Gate (orange) to match Opens at 9:20 am on Sunday morning.

Registration 9:20 am

Hammer down 10:00 am

Fees: $20.00

Extra gun $10.00

$5.00 discount for Juniors 18 & under for 1st gun only


Check email and website for weather updates and information:




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