Rick said at least it’s a dry heat.  Yeah.  Right.  I think all squads were done shooting by noon today so we missed the really oppressive afternoon temperatures. 

We had several first time competitors to our match today.  Thank you for taking the time to come out and join us.  I hope you enjoyed the experience and will shoot with us again.  Four more shooters chose to apply their match fees to join the Steel Challenge Shooting Association, that brings the total for the last two months to 13.  We will continue to offer this option at our monthly matches. 

With Vince out of town and my inability to post scores I will direct you to the results posted on the Steel Challenge website.  http://steelchallenge.com/match-results/?action=event_index&indx=374  Good shooting everone and thank you for making safety first.  Next match date is July 22.  Don’t forget Wednesday practice all you can shoot for only $5.00.  Till next time.

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