Scores are up on Steel Challenge site

Here is the link to the Steel Challenge scores with proper Steel Challenge categories and divisions for the 4-15-2017 match.

Thanks for coming out to shoot!

Pictures from the 4-15 match

Here are some of the pictures from the 4-15-2017 match.  Thanks for coming!DSC_7422DSC_7421DSC_7420DSC_7418DSC_7417DSC_7416DSC_7414 DSC_7434DSC_7433DSC_7432DSC_7431DSC_7430DSC_7429DSC_7426DSC_7424DSC_7411DSC_7412DSC_7409DSC_7406DSC_7405DSC_7404DSC_7402DSC_7400DSC_7399DSC_7396DSC_7395DSC_7393DSC_7392DSC_7390DSC_7388DSC_7386DSC_7385DSC_7384

Link to results for 4/15

Here is a link to the scores from the 4/15 match:

We will upload scores to Steel Challenge Assoc. later.

Many thanks to all the shooters who came out to shoot!  Have a happy and safe Easter!


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